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by robinana on June 10, 2009

Bottom line, you want more conversions. From SEO web copy to blog posts, ghostwritten eBooks, white papers and autoresponders, — you’ve just found your solution.

Welcome to Writers Elite. Our approach to marketing copy, is simple…We provide superior content, which in turn provides you with superior results.

Our philosophy?…

Be Undeniably Good….So good that you can’t be ignored.

That is our goal–and we reach it every day, because we know the secret…
You can only do what you love with absolute excellence, and we love to write.
But it goes beyond that.

We aren’t just a team of great writers (although that would be amazing enough). We also have the unique ability to get inside the mind of our clients, pull out their thoughts, ideas, purpose and vision, and then turn it all into content that speaks with amazing clarity and authority on their niche topic. We’ve pretty much cornered the market on this content thing.

Face it, most web sites and blogs are either created with intelligent and compelling content or they are filled with keyword phrases intended to draw attention and rankings from the search engines.Very rarely do websites or blogs have the best of both worlds. When the two are brought together–Unique, intelligent content and Search Engine Optimization, your rankings will soar. That is exactly what we provide; well researched, fluid and unique SEO articles for your readers and proper keyword phrases, titles, and meta descriptions to increase your page ranking with the search engines.

It’s like Ernest Hemmingway meets Matt Cutts.

How do we do it? Simple…We take the time to fully research every article we create. Our writers are college educated individuals who are also gifted writers–and that ‘s  what builds customer satisfaction. Articles are researched through interviews with field professionals, educational sites, universities, reliable studies, local and world news, consumer reports, medical establishments, and more… Your blog or site may be highly technical or light and fun, but the fact that you must  supply trusted information remains the same. That is for your readers.

We don’t stop there. Next, we naturally place keyword phrases and implement linking strategies throughout your content so your content will be recognized by the search engines. We understand that duplicate content, plagiarism, and the improper use of keywords will cause your rankings to tumble. That won’t happen when you use us.

Writers Elite is exactly what the title implies–An elite and intelligent approach to blogging, SEO articles and web content. Writers-Elite will help you to stand out from the crowd using words, video and images to tell your story.

Contact Writers Elite today… We will strategically position you for a profitable tomorrow.

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