blogging can change the world

Actually, Yes…Your Blog CAN Change the World

by robinana on September 27, 2009

Never before have we had an opportunity to take a stand and make a real difference than today.

In 2009, an intelligently written, well researched, credible blog can touch a life, cause a profound decision to be made and ignite enough passion in the spirit of the reader to create real change. A blog can start a movement, define a dream or redirect a nation.

How does that begin?

With your first post…Never before has the average individual had the opportunity to have a voice or a platform like today. What is Social Media for? If you have to ask, you just don’t get it.

I’ve read hundreds of articles and blog posts surrounding the confusion of social media.

Twitter, FaceBook, Blogging and other forms of instant communication are the main topic of a million seminars and a wave of eBooks. Individuals can’t seem to grasp or wrap their mind around social media.

Social Media…What is it?

Well, to put it in proper perspective…let’s stop for a moment, realign ourselves and try to think like a real world changer. What do you think Martin Luther King Jr., William Wilberforce, or Nelson Mandela, would have done if they could have combined the platform of Social Media with their world changing passion?

Social Media is nothing more or nothing less than a tool in your hand and a soap box to stand on. Used with wisdom, it can allow your thoughts, your dream and your vision to permeate areas of our world you never thought possible. Now do you get it?

Of course, most people with any amount of passion allow it to die shortly after conception. Abandoned blogs and stagnant social media accounts litter the world wide web. And of course, not everyone is called to change the world, but I do believe that we are all called to find our purpose, discover our destiny and live it out to the best of our ability. If you can’t change the world, then touch one life, improve one neighborhood, give one child the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

If you take a look at the majority of Tweet Streams, you will see the glaring reality of what our world has become. The shameful truth is this…given a platform, most of us will tweet about affiliate marketing schemes, get rich quick tactics, and MLMs. We always want to put the cart before the horse. Money, money, money…How can we make money? Our shallow aspirations are an embarrassment. Twitter has begun to look like some sort of cheesy carnival. Come see the freak show, the porn peddlars, the MLM pushers and those that guarantee your overnight success (for a mere 49.99).

Here’s an idea. View Social Media as a gift, a divine opportunity–and treat it as such. Use it to spread valuable information and to help the less fortunate. Is it okay to tweet about our business services? Of course it is, but let’s be realistic….Spam is spam is spam. No one cares about joining Donald Trump’s new money making scheme or joining your program that will bring 130,000 Twitter followers in 3 months. Can’t we stop and look at ourselves already?

It’s pretty pathetic…just saying.

Can your blog change the world? Of course it can, if the right person is behind the wheel, great things can and will be accomplished through the power of social media.

What is your online voice going to be known for? Pushing garbage or doing something worthwhile.

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.” ~Abraham Lincoln

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