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What A Ghostwriter Can Do For Your Business Blog

by robinana on September 22, 2009

What is a Blog?

The word ‘blog’ is short for ‘web log’, which is a website where one can maintain a type of online journal to discuss the topic of their choosing. While the majority of blogs used to contain a writer’s personal thoughts, political views or provide a convenient place for large families to keep up with each other; blogging is now recognized as a vital part of  social media and business success.

What can a Business Blog Do for You?

Today’s professional blogs provide a way for a business to gain visibility, network, develop a following of potential clients and ultimately increase a company’s bottom line. By providing keyword saturated, fresh and relevant content to the public, a business can rise above its competitors by actively engaging with others through the use of a blog.

Getting Hits

The key to a flourishing blog is hits – and lots of them. The problem is that when you’re first starting out, you don’t have a lot of hits. You may not know how to set up a blog, what to write about or what voice to use. What can you do to solve this problem?  Hire a ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter can write through a variety of voices, posting to your blog as many times per week as you like. The more posting you have, the more key words you will have and the more times your blog will come up when those key words are searched. It naturally follows, of course, that the more traffic you generate to your site, the more unsolicited postings you will have, generating more popularity, and so on. It’s all about visibility and a business blog will get you there.

Making Money With a Blog

A successful blog – and by that, we mean a financially successful blog – is one that successfully reaches a specific audience of people, an audience generally referred to as a company’s  ‘target audience’. Decide who your target audience is and then use your blog accordingly. A ghostwriter can help develop the feel of your blog. Regardless of the audience, a blog should be written in a relaxed, conversational tone; as if you were speaking face-to-face with another individual. That’s what makes a blog different than a business website. Although a blog is intended to bring in new clients, it should add value to the reader’s lives without a hard sell.

If your company is Quaker Oats, then your blog is going to need health related content as well as a recipe section. A ‘cooking with your kids’ section can be developed and even a ‘craft corner’ that includes fun step-by-step projects that can be made from empty Quaker Oats Containers. These types of articles add value to families while giving a company increased visibility and a renewed relevance in the minds of the readers. Which oatmeal box will the readers of this blog instinctively reach for during their next shopping trip? Quaker Oats; because the reader has developed a positive connection with the company. In the reader’s mind, the oatmeal company cares about family…their family. The more personal and individualized a business blog is, the deeper the connection to the reader will become.

Can You Do This Yourself?

The idea of a business owner posting to his or her own blog is admirable, but highly impractical. Keeping one blog filled with interesting and engaging, key word rich content is a full time job. Hiring a ghostwriter who understands your company’s needs, where it wants to go and who it wants to reach is by far your best option.

Writers-elite offers ghost-blogging to every industry–from legal firms and product manufacturers to real estate agents and restaurant suppliers, we can provide the voice that will reach the broadest possible audience and bring them in with useful and timely information. Let our ghostwriting services bring the leads to your door. Call us or send an inquiry today. Our capable staff will provide you with a blogging blueprint that will include key word phrases and topics that should be covered in your business blog.

Contact us today for a personal quote. Most blog posts average at $18-20 per post, and it is well worth the price with the level of success you will reach by using a business blog as your means of social outreach.

If you are still at square one and in need of a domain name, web-hosting, and someone to set up your blog, we do the technical part as well. Our sister site, Custom Blog For Free handles all of the blog creation, set-up and initial optimization for the web. If you haven’t purchased your web hosting yet, check this site out first. For the price of regular web hosting, you can actually have your blog set up for free.

Whatever you do…go ahead and do it today! Here’s to success!

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Andy Donovan October 29, 2009 at 6:58 PM

Absolutely agree with you Robin. Thanks for posting the link on my blog about the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter. I think if it enhances the client tool-kit it's a great thing to have in the "creative brain-trust" as I call it. Thanks for the post. Cheers,



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