Web Content that Will Bring Your Blog to Page One Rankings with Google

by robinana on December 16, 2009

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Web content and blog posts that are search engine friendly (seo articles) will bring your site to page one rankings with Google. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? It sounds so impressive at first glance. Page one rankings……OOOOOOH, I want that bag of goods. Well, not so fast cowboy. There’s much to be considered when you hear that magical phrase. Truthfully,  the term is used so loosely now it almost has no meaning. Page one rankings for what keyword phrase? should be the question that you ask whenever you hear that statement made, because that one tidbit of information makes a world of difference.

Telling someone you can bring them to page one rankings without disclosing the keyword phrase that will be targeted is like selling someone waterfront property that is actually a shanty sitting on a retention pond. Oh I know I’m ruffling some feathers here, but actually I’m quite sick of the smooth talking web designer or freelance writer that so ardently makes that promise. “I will bring your site to page one rankings within two months,” they boast. Well, guess what? I can bring a site to page one rankings in less than one week if it’s for some obscure search term such as “Robin Marie Hale of Cape Coral.” But that’s not a very good plan, if I want more web traffic.

Recently I had a heated discussion via email with an individual who just “didn’t get it.”

Web design companies who aren’t keeping up with Search Engine Optimization SEO and the purpose of SEO articles, sort of dance around the subject in an obvious, yet sad sort of way. During my most recent conversation regarding the importance of keyword and meta descriptions, I was met with a zinger, “Surely you are not speaking to me regarding this issue, since my company has been building websites for the past ten years.” I promptly put at least five of this company’s sites through a few rankings tools to determine the unique visitors and proper use of keyword phrases, and just as I suspected…Every single site was a train wreck. Hiding under the fact that “you’ve been doing it for X amount of years” is a very poor argument. It’s like the hairdresser who is in her 50’s and thinks that people still want perms and mullets.

Why am I telling you all of this? For one, to get it off of my chest. I personally collaborate with two of the top Search Engine Optimization and Website Design firms in the world–One is based in Orlando and the other in Germany. I study, test, re-test and print pages of data regarding best practices for search engine friendly sites. I don’t like it when I know that there are companies out there, blindly building websites that are not easily read by Google and even worse, are causing their client’s sites to become banned because of duplicate content and placing META keywords in the description box that simply aren’t found in the posts.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t rocket science. There is a simple, easy formula to start off with and once you learn the first few vital steps, it’s just a matter of continued learning and building off the basics. But the basics will ALWAYS be the basics. Let’s talk about targeted keywords for a moment:

  • Targeted keywords and keyword phrases should be planned out before ever writing that first blog post
  • They should be used in the Title
  • They should be used within the first couple of sentences of your post
  • They should be used naturally throughout the post and never forced
  • Targeted keywords should consist of words and phrases that will be searched by an average individual that is typing into a Google search box (This seems to be the most difficult one for people to understand. If you are not a celebrity than your name should not be considered one of your main targeted keywords. Someone in Texas is not going to wake up in the morning and say, “Heyyyyy…. I think I need a blog built. I think I’ll look up the words Robin Hale.” If you build blogs and you want traffic and business, one of your targeted keyword phrases should be “build my blog”… Get it? It’s not that difficult.)

Yes, it’s a bit more complicated than that, because you shouldn’t try to compete with major keyword phrases. That will make it much more difficult to rank well. If you sell Detroit Tigers pencils, don’t try to rank for the keyword phrase “Detroit Tigers.” You’ll be up against ESPN, Sports Authority and everyone else. Instead, use the keyword phrase “Detroit Tigers pencils” and write blog articles that include the phrase “Detroit Tigers pencils” in the title and body of your post. That’s how a winning niche blog gets to page one for a term that someone looking for Detroit Tigers pencils will actually search for. SEO is all about getting noticed, being found, and letting your potential clients know where you are. If you are selling Detroit Tigers pencils, don’t fill your blog with articles that you rip off from ESPN about baseball. You may think to yourself, “Hey…This is interesting stuff. My readers probably want to see this.” What readers? By copying and pasting other web content directly to your own blog, you are creating duplicate content which Google greatly frowns upon (let alone the plagiarism factor). When Google searches your site and finds that your new post is already somewhere else on the web, guess what happens? Your site tumbles in rankings. A couple more mishaps like that and your site will be banished forever to the Island of Misfit Blogs.

With that said, there is a real reason why corporations and businesses pay writers (such as myself) to create unique, intelligent, well researched, and ORIGINAL web content for their blogs. They supply the writer (me) with a list of keyword phrases that represent their product or services and I take that list and plug those words and phrases into the title and body of my articles. It’s both a science and an art to be a good web content writer. First there is the talent of writing something that another individual actually wants to read, and then it must be combined with the ability to plug certain keyword phrases into that creative, witty, informative content…..Whew!

On a good day, I personally have the ability to write five well researched and search engine friendly articles. Some subjects take a bit more time and once in a while I get a brain block, but overall my average is five. I’ve read forums where countless “writers” boast over ten articles per day. I’ve even heard claims of one article every 20 minutes. I cringe when I consider the quality of these 20 minute disasters.

Just like anything else, some people get it and some people don’t. I suppose the ratio will forever stay the same, regardless of my level of approval or disapproval. Just remember, when writing your next blog post:

  • Do not copy and paste another person’s work (even if you give them credit)
  • Do figure out your site’s targeted keyword phrases in advance and use them naturally throughout your post
  • Use one of your keyword phrases in your title

If you do those three things, you will be miles and miles ahead of most of the blind bloggers and web writers out there. We’ll talk about linking strategies in another post, but for now at least you won’t be banned to the Island of Misfit Blogs… Merry Christmas.

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Collier December 22, 2009 at 4:29 AM

Another great post, Robin. I'm formulating my writing resolutions for the coming year and I'm convinced I need to get a handle on this SEO stuff. I should either master this field or punt blogging altogether and invest all the time in my set-aside novel.

Keep up the good work at Writers Elite!


robinana December 22, 2009 at 12:51 PM

Thanks Collier! Yes, it's true. Without the use of SEO, having a killer website is like painting the Mona Lisa and keeping it under a sheet in your basement. Gotta Get Found! =)


robinana December 16, 2009 at 9:12 PM

Thanks Kirsti…You are so right. Actually, I never considered how differently individuals "search" until watching my husband looking up something on Google. He usually just slides the keyboard over to me, but one day he was looking for something himself and as I observed, he typed in the exact words, "how do I build a sub floor." This was like a revelation to me. So, I thought to myself… there must be other people who type in the words "how do I" After a bit of research I discovered an army of folks who don't search in abbreviated terminology like I would. This opened an entire new door to "keyword phrases" that I began to target in order to gain new followers.


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