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Why Does Your Business Need A Professional Ghostwriter?

by robinana on May 3, 2010

From the brick and mortar company servicing your neighborhood to the Fortune 500 corporation that reaches the world, there is no time like now to harness the power of the Internet and increase your bottom line.

This is somewhat of a double edged sword…

It’s never been easier than right now to establish an online presence.


It has also never been more difficult to pull your online presence together and make it work.

Why? Because competition for qualified clients is fierce. If you are going to rank with Google and convert online lurkers into a trusted group of fans and satisfied clients, you need the right content.

Yes, there’s a difference. There’s regurgitated sludge and there’s intelligent, fresh, valuable content that will build your online presence into a remarkable tool to funnel clients right to your door.

Using content to draw your client into your industry, your world, and your area of expertise adds value to your business and search engine authority to your website, all while developing a bond between you and your target client, well before you ever ask them for the sale.

Ideally, you developed your online presence so you could increase your bottom line while working less hours.


There is a right and a wrong way to go about this . Marketing and selling are vital elements, but you have to go about it differently than the competition. Your website, your content, your industry knowledge has to bring fresh ideas and clear, usable knowledge to your clients…or they won’t stick with you. Writers-Elite specializes in this concept.

Do we write a little sassier than the next guy? Yes.

Do we take more chances and step out on the ledge once in a while? Yes.

Is that what it takes to draw interest? Absolutely.

Your potential client wants to develop that ‘feeling’ of old fashioned customer friendliness and pulling up to the general store where everyone knows their first name, even though we live in the ultra fast paced world of the internet. How is that accomplished? By supplying content that not only informs, but also entertains. Content that gives the reader some insight to your personality, while always bringing them along the friendly path that leads to your front door.

It’s really doable on the internet…And at Writers-Elite, we really know how to do it.

Give ghostwriting a spin… Give us a month and we’ll give your website or blog the best feel it’s ever had.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your readership and following will increase. We guarantee to start a buzz about who you are and what your company provides. We will create a client base of individuals who are already warmed up to you, and already charmed by their mental perception of your business. Won’t that be wonderful?

What We Provide – Our specialties include (but are not limited to):

SEO web copy: Search engine optimized articles and blog posts will enhance your web presence and grow the seeds of your business. Writers-Elite creates content for both search engines and humans. SEO means nothing if the human eyes that land on your page don’t enjoy what they’re reading. Quality content is highly readable, always engaging, and well articulated. Every page we write elevates your ranking while motivating your visitors to take action.

Sales letters: The right words can drive dollars to your bank account 24 hours a day. That’s the only kind we write.

Email autoresponders: Think of your autoresponder as your personal team who never sleeps. They are always around to shake the hand of new leads, then guide them toward a comfortable spot (such as your blog) where they can keep the conversation flowing. Setting the right autoresponder into place can yield dividends for years to come.

Press releases: Let’s face it. Most press releases are simply overwritten announcements about events that no one really cares about. We make sure that doesn’t happen. We only write with character and clarity, about events of interest to your potential clients.

Ghost Blogging: Keeping up with a successful blog is time consuming, but a loyal audience will lead to money in the bank. Every post must have a purpose, whether it is to strengthen your authority, gather leads, or close the deal. We provide beautifully written content on any subject, all optimized to get you noticed.

Ebooks and info products: Spread your message, cement your authority, or sell your knowledge. We create and help you distribute the assets that will help you launch your dreams.

Writers-Elite also offers a full range of personal services including but not limited to: letter writing, custom speeches, editing and revision, and custom wedding vows.

Please contact us today for friendly content that respects your customers while pulling in profit.

Contact us by Email or give us a call at 239-440-6856. We look forward to hearing from you!

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