Business Blogs Improve Your Online Presence & Increase Your Bottom Line

by robinana on June 14, 2010

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Maybe you’ve  recently launched your business website, or maybe it’s been sitting there for quite some time, just sort of hanging out in “Internet Oblivion.” You’d love to be one of those businesses that ends up on page one with Google, but you haven’t the slightest idea how to arrive there. If these sentences ring true for you, maybe it’s about time you hired someone to manage your business blog.

What Can a Professional Blogger Do to Increase Their Bottom Line?

A blogger for hire, especially one who is experienced with SEO web content, can get you indexed with Google and on the right path in a matter of months. Naturally, the first thing you need to do is add a blog to your current website if you don’t already have one already. Blogging is good for business. A blog allows you to keep your static (and sometimes stagnant) original, informative website, but freshen it up constantly with informative posts that ultimately pre-sell your potential clients on your business.

A blog helps you come across as an authority in your field. You are giving useful information on a consistent, scheduled basis. This shows that your heart is in what you do and that you have your client’s best interests at heart. You want to involve them, educate them, and keep them on a successful path by making the most use of your business.

Whether you own a local hair salon, a law firm, or an online marketing business, a business blog will work for you. A hair salon can offer weekly or seasonal style tips, hair product reviews, and educate clients about hair care. A legal firm can use popular questions he receives during consultations to create timely blog posts that will add value and credibility to his firm. Looking at your business through the eyes of the consumer, you need to step back and realize that without an informative business blog, you are merely another name in the yellow pages, or another advertisement. Blogs build trust. They develop real relationships and are an important part of networking and marketing. If I’m looking for a lawyer to represent me or a dermatologist for my skin condition, I’m going to choose the one who isn’t just a “name and a number.” An informative website and blog will put one business owner far above the next when it comes to gaining credibility and clients. New potential customers only know what you put out there. If it’s just an ad on Craigslist or a square box in the local paper, that’s not much to go on.

How Much Time Will it Take to See Results?

Luckily  blogs and fresh SEO web content are well favored by Google. Real, measurable results should take no longer than three months. It takes about that long for Google to cycle and crawl the entire web. If three months sounds like a long time, think of it this way… That amount of time is going to pass anyway. Wouldn’t you rather have a killer blog filled with valuable information than nothing at all? Trust me, it will work in your favor.

The words you are reading right now are on my business blog. I receive new quote requests and client projects almost daily, just off of this blog. Yes, I advertise in other ways also. I have an ad up on a local forum, I use FaceBook and Twitter,  and I do network face-to-face with business owners on a regular basis. But this blog is my foundation for success. It’s a pleasant surprise to open my email and have two or three quote requests along with an order for a 10 article set every couple of days. My business would be non-existent without this blog. Armed with SEO web content I use it as my website / blog combo. If you’ll notice, I have a static home page that explains what I do, and I update with informative articles, such as the one you are currently reading.

If I relied solely on ads in forums or networking on Facebook, where would I send my interested potential clients to validate the fact that I am a professional writer who takes my business seriously? I’d have to explain and re-explain what I do to each potential client. This would waste valuable time, and no doubt I’d leave out some key details after repeating my trade to countless prospects. Yes, I still consult with clients over the phone and in person, but I feel confident that whatever they may have missed, they can find within the pages of my business blog.

Isn’t it time you invested in the success of your business?

Whether you need a blog created or just need someone to write compelling, valuable, SEO web content for you…you’ve found your answer with Writers-Elite.

Contact me today. We’ll get you going on the road to online success. You’ll be glad you did…especially in about three months from now.


Phone: 239-440-6856

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Welcome to online success!

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