SEO Web Content: With Smart, Valuable Content The World is Yours

by robinana on June 22, 2010

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There’s quite a bit of frustration out there in the world of Internet Marketing. Much of it revolves around the myth that all search engine optimized (SEO) web content  is regurgitated, useless sludge that no one actually wants to read.

As a web copywriter and SEO web content provider, I can relate to the frustrations of business owners and entrepreneurs who are desperately trying to build their online reputation, only to be met with a series of disappointments when it comes to their blogs and web content. After quietly observing some of the decisions many of them make, I can honestly say that I have the answer, but whether they will listen remains to be seen.

Let’s take a quick look at the root of the problem…SEO web content misconceptions. We will also happily dispel a few evil myths along the way.

Misconception #1: Those who do not recognize the true need for SEO web content. “Just write compelling and valuable content. The keywords will naturally flow into it. Write what people want to read and they will find it.” Really? That’s about as silly as thinking that if you open a restaurant on a desert island and serve the best food in the world, somehow, someone will know you are there. Come on, we’re more intelligent than this, aren’t we? No one is going to magically “find” your rocking website filled with killer content, unless it is properly search engine optimized.

Misconception #2: Those who recognize the need for keyword dense content, but choose to fill their website with cheaply spun or plagiarized articles. This person is so blind to the needs of their readers that they’ve gone off the deep end in the complete opposite direction. They believe that as long as they can rise up Google rankings with keywords, it doesn’t matter what kind of crappy content is on their site. Wrong….You may get a lot of initial traffic, but take a look at your bounce rate. No one is going to stay on your site long enough to read 2 paragraphs, let alone purchase your products or services.T

How to Rank Well With Google: Understanding the Search Engine Brain

These misconceptions stem from a basic foundational misunderstanding of the way search engines operate. More specifically, it’s a misconception of the way a search engine crawls a website to gather information.  A search engine is not simply a massive find function, like the one in the “Edit” menu of a Word document. Google doesn’t simply pull up any random page that has your chosen keyword in it X number of times. If it did, all pages that show up on search engine results would simply contain a list of the keywords.

Ultimately, writing for the search engines entails writing for web surfers. Think about it: services like Google thrive on giving web surfers the pages they are looking for. If they consistently failed to give people what they wanted, people would stop using them.

Bottom line, in order to rank well with Google you are going to have to realize that your content has to be specifically written for the web. Web content must be informative, a quick and compelling read, preferably with bullet points covering relevant facts that answer specific questions. Most people searching through SEO web content are looking to answer a “how to” or “how does” question. They are looking for a product or a solution to a problem. They have questions…they need quick answers. If your web content isn’t crafted to answer a question or fill a need, you’ll end up on page 33 of Google rankings, regardless of how eloquently written your web content is.

No one is looking for a novel or someone’s opinionated ramblings online. In fact, as far as publications go, newspapers are the only paper publications that have made a smooth online transition, precisely because they are written in short, to-the-point paragraphs that are easy to scan.

Still Think Good SEO Web Content Makes for Bad Reading?

If you are reading these words, congratulations. You’ve  just read through an article that is filled with search engine optimized web content. This blog post was optimized using the keyword phrases, SEO web content, search engine, search engines, search engine optimized, and rank well with Google.

The keyword phrases are present in sub-headings and throughout the content. The content itself is easy to scan and is broken up by sub-headings every four paragraphs or so.

Because this post is search engine optimized, if someone types in a phrase like, “SEO web content,” this page has a pretty good chance of showing up.

In short, there’s much more to writing well for the web than just writing well. There’s also much more involved in being able to rank well with Google than stuffing your fluffy, useless post with keywords. If you have enough sense to get your web content written professionally, have enough sense to take some solid advice from me. Use a professional SEO web content writer, such as myself, that will supply highly usable, informative, articles that are also keyword rich and Google friendly.

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