How to Get Your Website Ranked with Google at Warp Speed

by robinana on July 11, 2010

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The first sign of web success is generally celebrated once the visits from search engine spiders start coming your way. Attracting the spiders to your newly launched website can be a comparatively difficult task, but not impossible, especially with the help of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies I’m about to give you.


The basic framework (or how your website is built) has to be “spider friendly.” Here’s how it works…Every couple of months, search engine spiders crawl the entire world wide web. Do they crawl every word on every website? Well, not exactly. If they run into a website that is not created with search engine spiders in mind, an entire section of a website may be skipped.

So, what am I saying here? You just spent the past two weeks writing keyword rich content for your site in hopes of working your way up the Google ranking ladder, and it may be all for nothing? …possibly.

Some websites and blog themes (especially the free ones) are built on shaky frameworks that actually block search engines from crawling anything but the homepage. I recently explained it to one of my clients this way: “It’s like building rooms on your house without doors…Really pretty, but no one knows they are there because there is no way in.”

This is why Writers-Elite only builds with the SEO charged combination of WordPress and the Thesis theme. With the combination of these two as a framework, you can’t go wrong. They are made with search engines in mind. In fact, I’ve had sites that I’ve built on WordPress actually indexed with the search engines within 24 hours. Now, that’s what you want if you are trying to get noticed online!

Quality SEO Web Content

Once the basic infrastructure is covered, its time to focus on your SEO web content. Unique, informative, keyword optimized web content is the fastest way to reach your target audience and land yourself on page one of Google. 

The right keywords and keyword phrases help the search engine spiders to understand your content and rank your website accordingly. Writers-Elite will help you to choose the keyword phrases that you can use throughout your entire site for optimum search engine ranking.

Content should be added on a regular basis. We at Writers-Elite offer a Blog Management Package for busy individuals who just don’t have the time to add new content on a regular basis. With our Blog Management Package, we provide 5-10 keyword rich posts that are loaded into your blog panel and pre-set to “go live” on the web at future dates. We recommend two posts per week, so we will load all ten into your panel, set the first two for Tuesday and Friday of THIS week, the next two to go live Tuesday and Friday of NEXT week, and so on…until all of your SEO web content is preset to deploy. Doesn’t that sound nice? You’ll keep climbing in Google rankings on a regular basis, but won’t have to worry about your site again for the next 5 weeks.

You can do it this way, or you can just have us write two posts per week for you indefinitely. Then you REALLY won’t have to think about your site or worry about your business blog. Contact Writers-Elite today to discuss the plan that is right for you.

Internal Linking

Developing your website with an internal link structure is a vital part of your Google ranking strategy. Once your necessary pages have been created, such as About Us,¬† Services, Contact, Experience etc. you should link them with each other. This is especially easy to do in a blog post. I’ve already linked over to my Home Page earlier in this post. When creating content, I will keep in mind what my previous post topics were, and will link over to “more information” in related posts as they relate to the topic at hand.

How Does Internal Linking Help?

If you take the time to make sure that each page links with at least one another page, this will help the search engine spiders to crawl through from one page to the others, thus indexing all the pages of your website. I also use a plugin that provides  links to related posts and articles when I build a new blog. This plugin ensures that I have internal links (even if I forget to do it manually).

These are the main ways to move your business blog or website from the internet “abyss” over to “high traffic central.”

A business blog or website is built to increase your business and ultimately your bottom line.

In order to do so, you need to “get noticed” on the web. Writers-Elite does the work for you so you can focus on what you do best…Run your business!

Call us today at 239-440-856


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