So, You Want Inexpensive SEO Web Content?

by robinana on June 15, 2011

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Sometimes I like to use real questions from my clients and colleagues as a basis for a blog post. Today is one of those times. This morning I received a question from a “part time client” of mine. I use the term “part time” because this particular client, an internet marketer, has used my services sporadically over the past two years. To clarify, I have my regular client base that consists of individuals and businesses who have me create compelling, intelligent SEO web content for them on a regular, ongoing basis. These clients have enjoyed a steady climb in Google rankings, increased traffic, and a nice addition to their bottom line (and have been immune to the numerous Google algorithm changes).

Then, I have my part-timers. These individuals pop up and purchase a set of 5 or 10 articles every few months, disappear for a good long while, and then reappear again. Now, that’s just fine with me. I will take assignments any way you want to give them to me….but, the question that was asked made me realize that a “here and there” article marketing campaign may not be as beneficial as what my steady clients are enjoying. Ok, so here is the question:

I really LOVE your writing.  I think you have a ton of talent, but your prices are becoming unaffordable for me. I still need a ton more articles written, therefore do you know of any other inexpensive options out there?

Before responding to the email I stopped and thought about it for a while. None of my steady clients ever talk about prices or the cost factor. In fact, one of my real estate clients told me just last year that he thought I should charge more for my work (thanks David!). Another online entrepreneur who I greatly admire suggested the same. Finally, and almost reluctantly, I raised my prices just a smidge. Five dollars per post to be exact. None of my clients said a word, and I didn’t lose any of them. In fact, my workload has done nothing but increase.

Thank You Google, for the Constant Algorithm Changes…No, Seriously

Now, with the recent changes in Google’s algorithm (and with many more on the horizon), it’s no time to play around with content. A snappy website, stellar graphics, an impressive flash presentation…wonderful. But if the content on your site isn’t unique, engaging, and usable…well, all I can say is, good luck with that.

Truly talented writers have suffered enough during the brief period when web content spun from some foreign language, stuffed with keywords, and rambling on like a toddler with a mouthful of marbles would bring top Google rankings. Thank God for the changes in Google’s algorithm. It’s proof that there is some sanity out there. People want content that means something? Well, what will they think of next?…but I digress. Back to the question and answer thing.

My answer to my client’s question was simply this:

Do I know of any inexpensive options? Not really. Not if you want to receive quality and reliable work. The thing is, if you find someone who will write for, let’s say, $10 per article, they have to write 10 articles per day in order to make $500 per week, which is minimum survival.

Once a writer gets to that “hamster on a wheel” phase of writing as fast as they possibly can, quality is naturally compromised.

About an hour later, my client replied:

Yeah, I totally agree with you about quality. And that’s why I like your writing so much.

Will I lose this client as she takes the time to hunt through the scores of article churners to find someone less expensive than Writers-Elite? I don’t know…Maybe. But if she does, I know she will be back. How do I know? Because at Writers-Elite we don’t  spin and regurgitate. We carefully research the subject matter, find helpful and useful facts and interesting points of view…then we create intelligent, engaging, and often witty articles that people really want to read.

Bottom line? If writing is your passion (as it is mine) don’t drive your prices into the dirt. Don’t take something you love and something you are very good at and cheapen it. One well written, informative article has the potential to drive thousands of dollars to your client’s website. Remember that. A $30 article that will bring in a $1,000 sale (or for my real estate clients a $3,000 commission) is well worth the investment.

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