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Writer-Elite has over a decade of SEO web content writing experience. Our seasoned staff can easily provide corporate blog posts, well researched articles on virtually any topic from medicine to financial planning, copywriting, sales pages, eBooks, and more.

We take what we do seriously. Writers-Elite is a small team of college educated, professional writers who do not dabble in our trade. We are full time freelance writers. This is not a part time hobby or a moonlighting gig. Writing is what we do.

Why should you use us? Bottom line: There are a lot of individuals out there who have the talent, education, and ability to write fabulously. What do we have that they do not? We know web. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the art and science of putting together just the right algorithm for successful search engine rankings.

We understand the importance of titles, targeted keywords, and linking strategies in order to rank well with search engines. Great content is not enough when the web is involved. We are not just writers. We are qualified SEO Web Content providers. It is a unique blend of talent, not often found: A group of individuals who possess the knowledge of SEO, while also the talent to write a compelling and fluid article that will draw in your readers and create conversions….That is exactly why we proudly call ourselves Writers-Elite.

Robin Bright

An entrepreneur and freelance writer living in South Florida, Robin is the founder and CEO of Partnership Marketing. This company, which began as a part time marketing endeavor, has quickly grown into the parent company of several highly successful businesses, including Writers Elite.

With attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and the personal commitment to excellence so lacking in the business world today, Robin has built a following of loyal clients who appreciate her ability to see a project through, from concept to completion.

Skilled at ‘recognizing the problem’ and rethinking old ideas, Robin has used her persuasive writing and communication skills to help entrepreneurs develop new marketing strategies and solid content to drive traffic to their websites and businesses.

Areas of expertise include internet marketing strategies, social networking, self-help, sales, motivation, single parenting, sales, Christian topics and the power of a winning attitude.

Robin has been contracted to ghostwrite several top selling Christian books, investment guides, and life purpose material –and has most recently been honored with an award for her contribution to Change Agents, a best selling motivational book produced by the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Before her marketing and writing career, Robin worked in television broadcasting, editing, as well as photography. Teaching and bringing the the Word of God in a very relative way to audiences and congregations has also been her passion for the past three decades — usually on the topic of spiritual awakening and winning in life. Most recently, Robin was interviewed by Business.com and will be spotlighted as an online entrepreneur who has harnessed the power of social networking to grow her business.

A single mom who literally started with all the odds stacked against her, Robin has overcome what others may consider to be insurmountable odds and openly shares her success stories (as well as failures) with others. She is the mother of three confident, motivated and dynamic children and continues to build upon her foundational business strategies on a daily basis.

Philosophy for Success:

Do what you love and add value to every life you come in contact with.

Never believe that you can’t do it, regardless of how the odds are stacked…Find a way. Isn’t winning with the odds ridiculously stacked against you the most satisfying victory anyway?

Robin Bright can be contacted for small or large writing projects, quote requests, and for speaking engagements:

Robin Bright