We get a few questions that are repeatedly asked by our clients and readers. Instead of answering them through email again and again, we’ve decided to take your most frequently asked questions and post them here:

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Start a Website?

Question – Hi Robin, I want to have a website for my missionary work in the Philippines.I am clueless about how this works or how to do it. What do you charge to build a website? How long does it take? Are there any other fees to have it online. I would like to set it up with the capabilities to accept donations (I am not a non profit) and be able to posts pics of the things that i am doing there….Thanks, Ross

Answer – Great questions and pretty common ones. Here’s the breakdown for you, Ross. I’m sure this will help others as well…

Setting up your website in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 & 2 – A website consists of two parts.  First, you’ll need your piece of web property. Look at it like you would when purchasing real estate. First there is the property…that’s where your house will sit. That’s your Web Hosting Platform. I recommend Hostmonster for their excellent customer support and almost zero downtime. Your web hosting platform is where your files will be held once your website is built. The second part is your domain name…that’s your house that sits on your property. You’ll need to find a domain name that hasn’t already been taken by someone else.

In order to find an available domain name, go on over to Hostmonster and type a domain name that you like into the “Domain Check” section. It’s a tab at the top, toward the right side of the page. If the domain you are thinking of isn’t available, Hostmonster will come up with some alternative options that are close. If you don’t like any of them, keep trying by typing in new domain names until you find one that is available. (Another benefit of Hostmonster is the fact that you can have as many domains as you’d like on that one single hosting platform at no extra charge. Personally, I host about 40 sites, all for about $100 per year, which I write off on my business taxes)

Once you find an available domain name, Hostmonster will take you through the steps to sign up for your webhosting / domain name combo.

Total cost of these first two steps? Hostmonster hosting for one year along with your chosen domain name = About $100.

Click here to check out Hostmonster’s plan.

Step 3 – Once you’ve got your hosting platform and domain name, your part is basically done. This is where I come in. I can build a quick and easy no-nonsense site that you’ll be able to add regular blog posts and photos to. I can also add a Paypal Donation Button on the side that will show up right on the home page.

You’ll have a custom designed header, a Home Page, an About Me or About Us Page, a Contact Me or Contact Us Page, and room for all the blog posts and updates your heart desires. When you add them, they’ll show up on your site just like they do on this website…toward the middle half of the page, in small boxes with titles and teaser lines. They will be in chronological order.

How long will it take to complete your site? Depending on my workload, generally about a week.

How much will it cost? An easy site is just under $800.


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